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Diary Of A Dope Fiend

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(no subject) [Dec. 23rd, 2010|08:52 pm]
Diary Of A Dope Fiend
picked up a couple bad habits since my last entry.

nothing to worry about, for most people.

nothing i'd dare confess to anyone else lol.

but fuckit.

whats good, lj? hows things?
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alright. [Sep. 14th, 2010|05:35 pm]
Diary Of A Dope Fiend
no riverbottom.
no more vacant house.
I now co-own (and reside in) a big ass, nice, almost new trailer. at ventura avenue trailer town.

weeeeee trailer town wee.

still on the shitty avenue but idgaf. shits getting a lil more normal.

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(no subject) [Sep. 5th, 2010|07:33 pm]
Diary Of A Dope Fiend
aright im bored as fuck, and buzzed. anyone care to chat on aim?

hit me up.

ohh so trashhh
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next stop: riverbottom. [Jul. 25th, 2010|10:55 pm]
Diary Of A Dope Fiend
as of june 30th, me, my mom, and our 3 cats have been living in rauls' vacant backhouse on the avenue. its a shitty neighborhood, surrounded by 3 methadone clinics, and everyone is so grey. since we're here with the expectation of getting kicked out any second, there's NOTHING to do. no tv, no radio, no computer, and my ipod is dead. no microwave, no toaster, no freezer, no stove. but we do have a mini-fridge. thank god I have the car. its the only thing keeping me sane, since its my only way of getting to jesses whenever I can. im going fucking crazy here. some shit needs to happen soon =/

on top of disliking this whole area, my mom guilt trips me because im at my boyfriends' every night. uh, if she had a boyfriend she'd spend all her time with him. which she did, with my stepdad, when I was a kid. which is why im not that close to her, but more to my gramma. anywho, I can't really put too much personal shit into this entry, since its not too good. but yah. I have waaay too much shit to actually write in my real journal, so this'll have to do.

later thugs.
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(no subject) [Jun. 8th, 2010|03:45 pm]
Diary Of A Dope Fiend
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(no subject) [Jun. 5th, 2010|09:24 am]
Diary Of A Dope Fiend
Brother's back from Wisconsin. lol
I had a feeling that wouldn't last long.

Soo I went to donate blood the other day but I couldn't, because my iron is too low. Fun fun. >=[ Still got the VIP pass for Warped Tour though, which is why I even bothered in the first place. Shit works out.
Oh, and they gave me a shirt that says "Starve a vampire, donate blood" hah. Too bad I'm not all into vampires.

Things with Jesse and I are going good. He's not as much of a psychotic drunk as he used to be, so that's great. lol

Still have the gramparents car, which is totally a relief. I love being able to just leave when I want, instead of waiting for a ride from someone.
Although I got a ticket last night >=/

Blehh//////that's about it for muh update.
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updizzle? [May. 31st, 2010|11:44 am]
Diary Of A Dope Fiend
Alright, things are a bit better than my last post.
It's probably easier to just update shit here than to actually write it all down in a regular journal.
Which I failed at 4 months ago.. lol.

+ I've had my grammas car for like 2+ months.

+ Mom won her disability case.

+ We're still "safe" at Marlene's, which I'm totally surprised about, considering we've been living in a repo'd house since January.

- Mom has been driving me crazy lately.
I have NO privacy whatsoever. She even sleeps in my bed because her cats sleep in hers..

- Brother moved to Wisconsin.

- We might move to the Avenue in a couple weeks.

- I thought I could trust a certain friend to buy a couple concert tickets off the internet if i gave her the money.
Which I gave to her over a month ago.
But since they waited until a week ago to order the tickets, the prices went up. So now I owe them more money.
So thanks for that.

- I was under the impression that my bestie and I were going to the Happy Daze Tour
, which is one of the tickets I bought.
But no word since the plan was thought up...
So I'm out 50 bucks, and stuck with a ticket to something I have no one to attend with.

- So, when my brother moved, he couldn't take his dogs. So my friend offered to take one temporarily, until my brother could sent for him. The plan was, she babysits the dog for a month, my brother gives her 100 bucks for it when he sends for the dog. But now, a week later, it's an emergencyyyy that they NEED to drop the dog off here NOW, because her gramma is upset about it, because her brother is allergic. Which I don't really understand, how can he be allergic to a tiny chihuahua, but not the pitbull that lives there, or the other couple dogs she has babysat before...
Anywho, she's flaking at the worst possible time. What they don't understand is, if I had a place for the dog, I wouldn't have asked her to watch it. And, she's the one that WANTED to watch it, and was so stoked about it the following week.

So it's whatever.
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(no subject) [Feb. 15th, 2010|04:46 pm]
Diary Of A Dope Fiend

hit me uppp

aim- ohh so trashhh
text- ask
myspace- www.myspace.com/ihatecrockpots
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(no subject) [Jan. 20th, 2010|12:57 pm]
Diary Of A Dope Fiend
out of the house.

staying at marlenas for a couple months.
then off to homelessness.
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(no subject) [Jan. 14th, 2010|07:11 pm]
Diary Of A Dope Fiend
alright. to make a long story short, after this next 2 months go by, we'll be homeless for another 2-4 months. or living in a car/rv.
so prepare for lots of journal entries.

i shall make the short story long later. when i feel like typing lol. but for now im packing shit and trying to get my room in order cuz the landlord is coming over tomorrow and shit. we gotta be out by sundayy.

new pics.
(dont mind me i was pretty damn drunk in this pic hahah)

by the wayy i dont really expect anyone to actually read any of my future shitty hardtimes;; i just gotta vent to keep myself sane. lol

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